Travel Tips for Myanmar

20 Feb


You can apply your visa at Myanmar embassies and Foreign Consultants offices and it allow 28 days for tourist visa.

Check here for Myanmar Embassies Abroad –

VOA ( Visa On Arrival )

Businessmen are allowed to get Visa On Arrival directly by themselves for Business Visa. For Tourists Visa , you have to apply in advance through Local based travel agents 2-3 weeks before of arrival date.

Another Way to get Visa on Arrival is flying in with MAI ( Myanmar International Airways ) from Guangzhou to Yangon on every Thursday and Sunday and Seam Reap to Yangon on every Wed & Saturday. You don’t need to prearrange for VOA , if you fly in Myanmar with these two flights.

Money Exchange

Nowadays, Official Exchange Counters are running at airports and Down town of Big cities.You are highly recommended to change your money at official exchange counters because these are where you can get the best rates.Before official exchange counters haven’t run yet, foreigners have to change at black markets, of course, it is really dangerous for you to be cheated by Money Exchange vendors. Although there are official exchange counters , also , there are vendors as well in some places such as Near Sule Pagoda , Bogyoke Aung San Market and some places where is touristy places. Please , Don’t Change Your Money at Black Markets Anymore, now.

What you can change at Official Exchange counters are Singapore Dollar, US dollar, Euro and FEC ( Foreign Exchange Currency ) which is equal amount of US dollar, that is , to use in Myanmar only.

One of the very good news for tourists to Myanmar is ” You can withdraw money with your Credit Card “. You can withdraw your money at CB Bank , KBZ and MOB’s ATMs. But, you can withdraw only Myanmar currency(Kyats) at the same exchange rate of the day. So, you still need to bring enough cash for your hotels, air tickets, entrance Fees,etc…

Mobile and Internet

Normally, you can’t use your mobiles in Myanmar. What you can do to use mobile in Myanmar are ;

1) Rent Service

2) Pre-paid SIM Card

You can rent mobile or SIM card at Yangon International Airport. You have to pay 50 US$ for deposit and 2 US$ / day for SIM Card or GSM mobile.

Pre-Paid SIM Card

You can easily buy 20 US$ ( 19000 Kyats ) Pre-Paid SIM card in down town such as mobile shops, electronic shops, etc..

You can use internet your hotels , some restaurants, Internet Cafe. There are lots of internet cafe in big cities. Please , be patient for low connectivity.


Myanmar food is really nice to have for your lunch and Mohingar or coconut Milk noodle are really nice and famous for Breakfast. But , be careful and make sure your Myanmar food is fresh and hot for your dinner.Normally , Myanmar people have lunch out and go back to home for dinner to have great family lives. Moreover, Myanmar foods are not on-the-spot food – means food at Myanmar restaurants were cooked still in the Morning and it wouldn’t very fresh in evening. Chinese Food is also famous in Myanmar as well. Myanmar and Chinese Food are cheap, Thai Food are more expensive and European Foods are most expensive in Myanmar. It will cost you about 2000-4000 Ks and 2000 Ks for one bottle of Beer – Myanmar Beer is really nice and recommended.


Myanmar is culture country and culture tourism country. So, when you visit to Pagodas, Monastery and other holy religious places, you should cover you keen and shoulders, especially for Women.

Slippers are recommended for your city trip because you have to take off your shoes when you go inside .So, if you have to go lots of holy places, maybe you disappointed our traditions.


You can pay tips to the staffs of tourism and hotels, if you are satisfied on their services, although we have any custom or habit to pay tips in Myanmar. How much for tips ? It depends on you and no one would complaint on that matter.

But, don’t give your money to monks and nuns on the way and road. They are not real monks and nuns ( some people say that they are professional baggers ) . If you really want to help and donate, you should go to the real monastery or orphanages with recommendation of local people.

Please , Enjoy your time with cartoons for ” Do and Don’t in Myanmar ” at below link.

If you have more tips for travelers to Myanmar , please leave your information at comment box.

Have a nice trip to Myanmar.

Min Than Htut

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